The iPad – Will You Write Your Next Novel On It?

by Bill Henderson

Fiction Writer's Toolbox - Tools and Tips for Novelists and Other Writers

Fiction Writer's Toolbox - Tools and Tips for Novelists and Other Writers

Um…no. But that’s just my opinion right now.

I could certainly be wrong. Don’t forget how long it took for most of us to catch up fully with the game-changing consequences of the iPhone.

I’ll cap it there, but if you’d like to ponder further on the matter, I’d like to plug my new blog, Fiction Writer’s Toolbox, which is now officially up and running. I hope you’ll pay it a visit.

Fiction Writer’s Toolbox came about because I’ve always had an interest not only in how to write, but in what to write with–a sweeping subject that carries with it a universe of of items both online and off that can make your life as a writer more fun and more productive.

Yet I knew instinctively that Write a Better Novel was not the place to indulge myself in these matters. You come here for the how and why, not so much the what-with, and that’ll be exactly what I keep giving you. I promise you a lot of great new content here, as the year goes forward, so I hope you’ll return again and again.

At the same time, if you have an interest in “tools,” in the physical and digital means of getting the writing done–as well as in new ways to read–if you want to know more about the trends that enhance them, and the cultural forces that drive them, you’ll want to check out Fiction Writer’s Toolbox.

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